REDwire Cone valve technology keeps powder flowing efficiently

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Matcon’s Cone Valve technology within each IBC prevents bridging, blocking, blend segregation and other traditional powder handling issues.

Matcon Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), available in Canada from Firing Industries, are the ideal solution for processing, storing and transporting bulk material solids, powders, granules and tablets. Matcon’s Cone Valve technology within each IBC sets it apart from competitive products thanks to a unique design that prevents bridging, blocking, blend segregation and other traditional powder handling issues.


An innovative design

Matcon IBCs have a “passive” cone seated within the outlet of the bin. When located on the discharge station, an “active” probe assembly lifts the cone, creating a gap that causes material to discharge under mass flow. This discharge technique overcomes common powder flow problems because the lifting action of the cone breaks up bridged product and prevents material from rat-holing and causing material segregation.

Beyond the innovative cone-shaped design, Matcon IBCs have many other features that make them a top choice for powder handling. These dust-tight containers don’t have any enclosed crevices or hollow sections that could trap product or contaminants, enabling them to meet the highest hygiene and safety requirements and standards. In addition, they can be manufactured from durable 316L or 304 stainless steel, depending on the requirements of the application.

Multiple sizes and models available

Matcon IBCs are available in different sizes, with different capacities. The smallest IBC can handle 300 to 500 litres, making it best suited for smaller batch sizes or testing purposes. However, the most commonly used IBC size is the 1,000- to 2,000-litre capacity model. If that’s not large enough, the company also manufactures a 2,500- to 3,500-litre capacity model to meet larger batch requirements.

Matcon also has a polyethylene model for non-food, non-hygienic applications where the use of a stainless steel IBC is unnecessary. The polyethylene model is comprised of a polyethylene bottle supported in a steel framework.

All models are fitted with the company’s Cone Valve technology to protect against segregation, rat-holing and bridging.

To learn more, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.


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