REDwire Compressor controls offer significant energy savings

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The Quincy Net$ync II can keep compressor systems working efficiently and reliably.

NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air) can supply compressor control systems from Quincy Compressor. The Quincy Net$ync II Master System Controls can centrally manage systems ranging from two to 24 compressors. The control system is capable of saving between 20 and 60 per cent of energy costs by ensuring efficient compressor operation.

System optimization

These controls can optimize compressor sequencing to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity. The Net$ync II can be used with virtually any combination of compressors, including any make and type of local control. That's because the controller uses machine-specific interface modules to handle different compressor controls such as stop/start, fixed speed, variable capacity and variable speed drive. There are also options for remote monitoring and system auditing.

Energy savings and lower maintenance

The Quincy Net$ync II Conductor can synchronize the output of compressors to meet demand while optimizing production and minimizing costs. This synchronization ensures the system will not use more energy than is needed. In addition, the Net$ync II allows users to set the machine priority. For instance, newer compressors can be prioritized so they operate first, while older backup machines only turn on when needed. By eliminating wasted energy and equalizing the running time, the controller can reduce maintenance requirements and improve performance.

More information

Quincy is known for providing compressor equipment that is built to last for decades of heavy-duty operation. Its products offer rugged construction and efficient operation.

In addition to controls, NCA Ltd. supplies all types of equipment for compressed air systems. They include rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, air dryers and filtration, condensate management, receiver tanks, industrial cooling systems and more.


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