REDwire Compression spring capability best in class at Newcomb Spring

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Newcomb Spring has in-house spring design assistance capabilities to make sure its customers are getting the appropriate compression spring to meet their unique needs.

Newcomb Spring has proudly earned a position as one of North America's leading metal form and spring manufacturers. The company has been providing customers with precision, custom metal form and spring manufacturing services for more than a century — that’s 100 years of knowledge and experience it puts into each high-quality spring it produces and service it provides. 

Compression springs are among the company’s lineup of offerings. Newcomb Spring has in-house spring design assistance capabilities to make sure its customers are getting the appropriate compression spring to meet their unique needs. In the design phase, many issues related to the design of compression springs should be considered, as these relate directly to the spring's performance. Compression spring manufacturing tolerance requirements, squareness of ends, deflection and the slenderness ratio are often overlooked in the design process. Newcomb's sales and engineering staff will gladly review the customer’s compression spring specifications, offer design assistance and recommend the best options to control costs and make sure the spring functions to fit the customer’s needs. 

Newcomb Spring also has the capability to ground its compression spring ends, which increases operational life and allows the spring to sit squarely on the load-bearing surface. Grinding of compression springs also increases the number of active coils and the wire diameter available in a given volume of space, which can result in higher loads or lower stresses. As a modern compression springs manufacturer, Newcomb Spring’s facilities operate with a wide variety of equipment — from hand-operated grinding tools to automatic, high-speed vertical spindle disc grinders.

The most common shapes and sizes include: .004 to two inches in wire diameter, round wire, square wire, rectangular wire or special section wire. Typical compression spring body types include: open-coiled, helical shaped and coiled with a constant diameter (though they can be produced in hourglass, cone and barrel shapes). Common materials used include: spring steel, high carbon steel, nickel-plated carbon steel, stainless alloys, non-ferrous metals, Elgiloy, Hastelloy and more. 

As with all Newcomb Spring-produced parts, the company can custom manufacture any compression spring to meet specific requirements. To learn more about the company’s compression spring capabilities, contact Newcomb Spring, with a Canadian office located in Mississauga, Ont. 


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