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During air audits, data-logging units are attached to each compressor.

When it comes to keeping compressed air systems working properly and efficiently, CompAir is an expert. The company, known for its innovative compressed air technologies, also has a worldwide service network with factory-trained service engineers, local service centres, and expert air auditing and reporting services. These capabilities are designed to keep its customers’ systems running at maximum efficiency.

Air audits

Air audits allow you to determine current energy usage and make an assessment of your compressed air requirements. These audits are useful when preparing for an upgrade or replacement, or when improving the efficiency of existing installations.

Air audits can be tailored to the specific needs of the facility, as they can range from a simple to an in-depth analysis. The process involves attaching a data-logger to each compressor in the system to gauge factors such as required air pressure, power usage and flow rates. Based on this data, CompAir engineers can recommend appropriate solutions, including the size of compressors and whether they should be fixed-speed or regulated-speed types. Audits can also identify whether improvements should be made to pipework or compressor control systems.

The five main goals of these audits are to:

  • Gain information about air supply and demand;
  • Identify and fix any leaks to minimize energy waste;
  • Prevent over-pressurization, which can cause leaks;
  • Discover if piping is old, incorrectly sized or has too many bends; and to
  • Optimally time the replacement of air/oil filters, separators and lubricants.

Oil sampling

In addition to air audits, CompAir can perform oil sampling and analysis services, which can reveal the condition of compressors and reduce downtime. Customers are provided with a detailed analysis that shows if there is any external contamination from ambient conditions, or internal contamination that is a sign of malfunctioning components. This valuable information enables maintenance to be scheduled well in advance, lowering repair costs and providing peace of mind.

For more information on the services available from CompAir, visit the company’s website.


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