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Tubing is available from Cords Canada in a variety of materials.

Cords Canada can supply a broad variety of plastic tubing. It is available in a range of materials that offer various advantages, including resistance to chemicals, kinking and abrasion. 

Flexible vinyl (PVC)

Vinyl tubing is well suited to piping applications where pure, sensitive or corrosive solutions are involved. It offers a cost-saving alternative to polyurethane tubing, but with less strength and kinking resistance. This tubing is available in a crystal clear 70 durometer. It is formulated from V-1 vinyl and fully meets FDA requirements for contact with food and drugs.


Polyurethane tubing combines the best properties of rubber and plastic: elongation with chemical resistance. It offers superior resistance to tearing, abrasion, kinking, ozone, fungus, humidity, hydrolysis and oxidation. This tubing provides flexibility, even in cold temperatures. It is used for such applications as medical, robotics, air tools and vacuum equipment.


Nylon tubing is available in flexible and semi-rigid high strength styles. The flexible variety offers lightweight, low level water absorption, and resistance to stress cracking. The semi-rigid, high strength type features better chemical resistance, as well as good resistance to high ambient temperatures. This tubing has excellent coupling retention thanks to its high tensile strength, making it ideal for applications with high pressure, temperature and vibration. It contains no plasticizers. 


Laboratory-grade polypropylene tubing is available. When compared to polyethylene, it can be used at higher temperatures and pressures. It also features excellent resistance to hot water, hot corrosive acids and environmental stress cracking. This tubing meets FDA specifications for food contact.


Polyethylene tubing offers flexibility and toughness in low temperatures. It can be supplied in natural or UV-resistant black varieties. In addition, instrument-grade and flame-retardant types are available.

To learn more about the selection of tubing and other products available from Cords Canada, visit the company’s website.


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