REDwire Compounds AG ensures only high-quality rubber is used for Rosta elements

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Compounds AG uses the best rubber production and vulcanizing processes.

Rosta suspension elements are known for quality. The company has earned this reputation by only using high-quality rubber suppliers. In the past, Rosta purchased rubber cords from two renowned Swiss manufacturers. There was close collaboration between Rosta’s physics lab and the suppliers’ development departments. This arrangement provided Rosta with excellent quality rubber for decades, but kept the company highly dependent on these suppliers.

A major concern was that quality might suffer if one supplier changed its production methods or began outsourcing production. But Rosta found the solution in 2007 when it had the opportunity to purchase a rubber mixing plant from one of the suppliers, and the extrusion and vulcanization operation from the other. Rosta merged these branches to create Compounds AG, a sister company that is still the source for the rubber used in Rosta elements.

Quality rubber production

At Compounds AG, a range of testing procedures are used to monitor mixing and rubber production. One essential step in the development process is performed in a small production line called the “Technikum”. This mini production line is complete with mixers, extruders and vulcanizing presses. It enables the production of trial mixtures and vulcanized prototypes to test if they are suitable for production. For instance, vulcanized prototypes can be tested in a laboratory for hardness, tear resistance and yield stress.

Discontinuous vulcanization

Another key step in rubber production at Compounds AG is the vulcanizing of rubber cords. This is performed using steam and high pressure in autoclaves up to 18 metres in length, and a vulcanizing oven. This is a discontinuous vulcanization method that offers a major advantage over continuous methods: it provides vulcanization that is more intensive, homogeneous and longer-lasting.

For more information on how Rosta ensures the exceptional quality of its rubber elements, visit the company’s website.


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