REDwire Complete the assembly with finishing and appearance caps, plugs and grips from MOCAP

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MOCAP carries a selection of flexible plastic caps and grips, as well as plastic sheet metal plugs and tubing end plugs.

MOCAP offers a wide variety of caps and plugs to finish, decorate or complete the assembly of its customers' products. From flexible plastic caps and grips to plastic sheet metal plugs and tubing end plugs, there is a product available to meet any need.

Flexible Plastic Caps: These units are available in round, square and hex shapes, and in a range of sizes, to provide a quality, finished appearance to any product. Constructed from vinyl, they are flexible yet durable, so they won't split, tear or shred. In addition, these caps are printable, enabling them to be customized.

Flexible Plastic Grips: Also manufactured from vinyl, these units are available in round and flat rectangular shapes and a variety of sizes to fit handles, levers, tools, rods and stems. They stretch for a snug fit, and won't split, tear or shred. Like the caps, the grips are printable, enabling them to be customized.

Plastic Sheet Metal Plugs: These products are available in flush standard, flush metric or recessed designs to fit imperial/standard and metric size holes. All designs are constructed of low-density polyethylene, and can snap into the desired product for an attractive and secure fit. These plugs are commonly used on auto bodies, tanks, HVAC units and more.

Tubing End Plugs: These units are available to fit standard and metric sizes of round, square and rectangular tubes. They are made from low-density polyethylene, and feature multiple ribs for a secure fit. In addition, the plugs have heavy end walls, which add durability and abrasion resistance.

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