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CompAir’s L-Series lubricated rotary screw compressors are designed to handle the varying air demands found in most plant air systems.

CompAir compressors are known for their efficiency, reliability and quality. They are designed using the latest advances in technology, and are backed by a team of experts trained to help customers find the ideal solution to meet their exact plant requirements.

Meet the L-Series

For those companies in need of oil lubricated compressors that offer a continuous supply of high-quality compressed air, CompAir’s L-Series lubricated rotary screw compressors are an excellent option. Using the latest CNC rotor grinding machinery and online laser technology, the company designs and manufactures the screw compression element — the heart of the compressor — in-house, continually improving it to achieve cutting-edge performance and efficiency.

The result is an efficient and reliable solution that is designed to handle the varying air demands found in most plant air systems. The L-Series features a variety of models, with fixed or regulated speed, and ranges from 0.24 to 47 m²/min and 2.2 to 250 kW. Models in this series can be equipped with integrated heat recovery, and can achieve energy savings of up to 25 per cent.

The L-Series lineup includes a wide selection of units that each offer their own advantages. For example, compressors found in the L02 to L05 range offer a user-friendly design, low noise levels, and are available as standalone or receiver-mounted. Meanwhile, models in the L07 to L22 range feature a small footprint. There are many more models and advantages in addition to those mentioned; however, benefits found across the series include ease of use and maintenance, reliability and efficiency. 

More options

In addition to its oil lubricated compressors, CompAir offers a series of oil-free and portable models. A variety of accessories and options are also available, including compressed air drying and filtration technologies, condensate treatment technologies, nitrogen generation technologies, heat recovery systems and a compressed air management system. 

To learn more about its wide selection of compressors and accessories, contact CompAir.


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