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Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

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Compressed air is used for many applications in the auto industry.

CompAir can provide high-quality compressed air solutions for automotive applications. From tire inflation to plasma cutting and welding, compressed air has many uses within the automotive industry. CompAir is the perfect source, as its equipment is known for performance, reliability and low cost of ownership.

Jaguar case study

In one project for Jaguar, the luxury car manufacturer, CompAir provided significant energy savings by installing Quantima compressors. Two compressors were installed in the Jaguar Land Rover Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham, U.K. to supply the paint shop with air 24 hours a day.

Rising energy costs and Jaguar's targets to reduce its carbon footprint meant the new compressors had to be energy efficient. The reliability of the compressors was critical, as any air supply interruptions or air quality issues could cause a significant impact. In addition to affecting the paint shop, this could impact the productivity of the rest of the plant.

The right solution

To help Jaguar get the right solution, engineers from CompAir performed an air audit on the existing compressors to find the air usage and potential savings. As a result, Jaguar selected the innovative Quantima compressors. These compressors feature the Q-drive compression assembly, which has a no contact design. That means there is no gearbox, oil or mechanical wear to worry about. Quantima's innovative technology uses a single moving part that spins in a magnetic field, so there is no performance degradation over the compressor's life.

These compressors also feature variable speed drives so they can provide the precise air output that's needed, while saving energy and reducing off load running. 

The result

Just six months after the installation, the plant was on target to save three million kilowatt hours per year. That meant the compressors would provide a return on investment within two years.

For more information on CompAir equipment, visit the company’s website.


Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

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