REDwire Compact and rugged data acquisition system allows you to ‘go anywhere, test anything’

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The eDAQlite is ideal for applications with limited space.

When an application calls for rugged, mobile data acquisition, the SoMat eDAQ from HBM is the ideal solution. The standalone sealed system has earned a reputation for providing accurate, reliable testing results in the harshest environments. But sometimes applications require a more compact solution, without sacrificing the accuracy and reliability of the field test data. That’s where the eDAQlite comes in. It’s HMB’s “go anywhere, test anything” compact version of the SoMat eDAQ.

Best-in-class features

The eDAQlite is ideal for applications with limited space. The compact unit can be installed inconspicuously to collect data under discrete conditions, like behind a dashboard panel, for example.

Though it is smaller than the SoMat eDAQ, eDAQlite has been engineered using the same leading-edge technology. It offers similar signal conditioning and a capacity to perform a wide variety of on-board data processing, triggering, intelligent data storage and complex computations.

System advantages

The eDAQlite enables users to test with both small and high channel counts using a single family of products, because some tests require the use of more channels than others. 

In addition, the system enables intelligent data storage to collect relevant measurement data in a condensed, manageable form, rather than gigabytes of results.

Another advantage of the eDAQlite is that it is less expensive than the SoMat eDAQ. So, for those users just starting in testing, it has lower startup costs and can easily be expanded as needs change. 

Like all HBM SoMat systems, it is easy-to-use, setup and operate.There is no learning curve, new software or file formats. Plus, systems can be seamlessly networked together.


The eDAQlite is available in Canada from Durham Instruments, a distributor of high-quality electronic instrumentation, data acquisition and control systems. To learn more, contact Durham Instruments.


Durham Instruments

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