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Budlar Flexible Products Inc

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Budlar Flexible Products carries a wide selection of o-rings and o-ring cord.

There are many reasons why o-rings can fail, several of which stem from failing to select the right o-ring for the job. For instance: using an o-ring that is the wrong size or made from a material that is not suited to the application. One way to avoid these problems is by going to an experienced company like Budlar Flexible Products. The Cambridge, Ont.-based manufacturer can supply a wide variety of custom o-rings and o-ring cord.

O-ring selection and design

To help customers avoid getting an o-ring of the wrong size or design, Budlar Flexible Products can help customers choose the best options for the application. Since Budlar has experience serving industries ranging from aircraft and automotive to mining and petroleum, it can help with specialized applications that have unique requirements. The company’s offering includes moulded o-rings, custom vulcanized o-rings, Teflon encapsulated o-rings and more. 


Selecting the right material is paramount when dealing with o-rings. One common cause for o-ring failure is material incompatibility with the fluid to be sealed. Some of the other factors to keep in mind when choosing an o-ring material include the required resistance to temperatures, abrasion and weathering.

Budlar Flexible Products works with a full range of compounds, including Viton, silicone, EPDM and FDA nitrile. The company’s broad selection of compounds and large inventory enables it to provide the ideal material to suit the application.

With its extensive experience and wide selection, Budlar Flexible Products is the ideal source for reliable o-rings. 

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Budlar Flexible Products Inc

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