REDwire Combining workstation crane with tractor drive results in significant savings

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An ELS solution resulted in a safer, easier, faster and more efficient process for loading and unloading laser tables.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment (ELS) has a simple goal: to make difficult jobs seem easy. The Ontario-based company designs, manufactures and installs crane systems for customers in a broad range of industries, helping them accomplish their operational goals and exceeding expectations every time.

Major time savings

A metal service centre that sells metal sheet and plate materials recently turned to ELS for help. Several years ago, the company installed three Gorbel Free Standing Workstation Cranes over three laser cutting machines. Workers were required to manually move the bridges and hoist trolleys with self-powering, six-pad vacuum sheet lifters that were attached below-the-hook. This was not an easy task, as they’d have to wrestle with the lifters to get the sheets onto the laser table bed. In addition, the weight and the swinging movement of the loaded system was a time-consuming and physically demanding job. Something had to change, but it wasn’t going to be the type of crane. The company liked the three workstation cranes and didn’t want to go to an overhead crane to serve the three work areas.

Working with ELS, the company decided to upgrade one of the work areas — the one with the newest laser — by retrofitting it with tractor drives for bridge and hoist trolley travel. With this new solution, workers use radio controls to manage the x, y and z movements of the crane system in a smooth, controlled manner. The end result is a safer, easier, faster and more efficient process for loading and unloading the laser tables. The time savings is so impressive — 15 to 20 per cent faster than the previous manual method — that the company plans to retrofit the other two workstation cranes, too.

Additional details

ELS is an authorized dealer/distributor for Gorbel products. To learn more, contact Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment.


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