REDwire Colour change system offers advanced features and ease of use

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Each Man-U-Color system comes with a floor-mounting stand for the fluid panel, and a pneumatic manual control panel.

Exel North America’s Man-U-Color Airmix (Medium) Pressure Manual Colour Change System is a manually controlled paint/stain dispense system. Available in two through 20 colour versions, the system utilizes circulating colour valves and a quick dump circuit to efficiently dispense paint or stain. 

System features

Each system comes with a floor-mounting stand for the fluid panel, and a pneumatic manual control panel. Three panel options are available. The smallest has the ability to dispense up to 10 colours, while the largest can dispense up to 20 colours. The more colours required, the larger and heavier the panel is. 

The system also features a colour valve stack with air/solvent purge valves, an air-piloted fluid regulator, and a timer-controlled dump valve located on the frame stand. In addition, 5/32-inch pilot tubing is provided to connect the pneumatic panel outputs to the CTM colour valve inputs, allowing the delivery of multiple colours to a spray station.

How it works

When using the Man-U-Color system, the operator simply selects the desired colour on the rotary dial (selections for air and solvent are also on the dial). One push/pull switch is used to activate a timed sequence with the dump valve. The timed sequence can be used with any valve (colour, solvent and/or air). Once the operator presses the enable dump button, the switch will stay depressed while the dump valve is activated. After the timed sequence is complete, the dump valve will shut off and the button will pop out.  

Additional details

The system can be used with Kremlin-Rexson’s standard Airmix automatic or manual spray guns, as well as its high flow rate pumps. 

Kremlin-Rexson offers a wide range of pumps and equipment for the application of paints, sealants and adhesives. These products are manufactured by, and available from, Exel North America.

For more information on the Man-U-Color Airmix (Medium) Pressure Manual Colour Change System, contact Exel North America.



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