REDwire Cold temperature chains offer power and performance in harsh environments

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Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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Energy Series chains are manufactured to perform in demanding applications.

Tsubaki’s Energy Series chains are engineered to reliably perform in environments as cold as -40 degrees C. Thanks to its many best-in-class features, users can expect a quality product with a long service life in harsh environments.

Rugged construction

Energy Series chains are manufactured to perform well in the most demanding applications.

  • They are made from the highest quality steel and manufactured using a proprietary combination of materials that are particularly effective in cold temperature applications down to -40 degrees C.
  • Each chain is produced to the most stringent tolerances, undergoing heat-treatment processes to maximize tensile strength and shock load resistance.
  • They are pre-stressed to ensure uniform load distribution and to minimize initial elongation, resulting in better operation throughout the life of the chain.
  • Each Energy Series chain features pins made of special materials, precision-ground to ensure accurate fit, and assembled only after they’ve been heat-treated. The result is tough, through-hardened pins that increase fatigue strength and allow the chain to better withstand shock loads.
  • The chains are also manufactured to minimize imperfections that cause fatigue cracks. After heat treatment, the pitch holes on the side plates are ball drifted to impart residual compressive stress and create smooth hole surfaces to maximize fatigue strength.
  • The chain’s link plates have wide waists to better handle shock loads.
  • Every Energy Series chain uses solid rollers, carefully formed from high-grade steel into optimal roundness and then heat-treated and shot-peened for toughness and strength.
  • Before the chains are shipped, they are dipped in hot lubricant, which penetrates deep into the pin and bushing contact area, extending the working life of the chain.

Multiple sizes

Energy Series chains are available in a wide range of sizes — from 80 through 240 and up to 10 strands wide. They are cut to the precise length needed for the application, free of charge, resulting in reduced costs and waste.

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Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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