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Coca-Cola Enterprises reduced its compressed air energy consumption significantly by employing a combination of CompAir compressors and a master control system.

Compressed air systems can be huge energy hogs if they don’t offer a reliable supply of high-quality air efficiently. But for CompAir customers, this is not a concern. The company's air compressors have been known to significantly reduce energy costs thanks to their advanced features. One customer that knows this well is Coca-Cola Enterprises. The sole Coca-Cola bottler in Sweden was able to reduce its compressed air energy consumption by approximately 60 per cent by employing a combination of CompAir compressors and a master control system.

Coca-Cola’s experience

Coca-Cola Enterprises, one of the largest bottlers of soft drinks in Europe, uses compressed air for general production purposes. Prior to October 2015, the compressors it used at the plant were energy intensive, noisy and consumed, on average, approximately 22,000 kW of electricity a week. The company was keen to improve efficiency and performance, so it switched to the CompAir brand.

It selected two CompAir L75 regulated-speed systems and two CompAir L55 fixed-speed machines. These compressors work in tandem to meet demand at optimum energy efficiency. The company also selected the SmartAir Master to control all four compressors and manage the compressed air supply across the site. The system calculates how much air the plant needs in real time, and optimizes the compressor output accordingly by continually rotating the master pairs to equalize running hours.

Heat recovery systems were also installed on all the machines to provide hot water to power the site’s heating system. As a result, not only has the site’s energy consumption been reduced by approximately 60 per cent, but at least 80 per cent more heat has been recovered than previously, resulting in total savings of approximately one million kWh of energy per year.

A leading compressor manufacturer

CompAir is dedicated to continuously developing the most advanced compressors and compressed air equipment to deliver unmatched efficiency and performance like that experienced by Coca-Cola Enterprises. CompAir’s lineup includes a range of oil-lubricated, oil-free and portable air compressors, as well as air treatment equipment and accessories.

To learn how its highly efficient compressors can save your operation money, contact CompAir.


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