REDwire Clamping and braking elements offer secure hold and high accuracy

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Zimmer Group’s clamping and braking elements are available for use on common profile and round guide.

Zimmer Group is a pioneer in clamping and braking technology, particularly when it comes to profile and round guides. The company’s comprehensive and innovative portfolio of high-quality and reliable clamping and braking elements are a top choice for critical positioning, holding and braking tasks thanks to their many best-in-class features.

Top features and advantages

Zimmer Group’s clamping and braking elements, available for all common guide manufacturers, are designed to ensure precision during cutting processes, and boost efficiency with short cycle times. The units offer a secure hold, even on small dimensions. This high holding force maximizes safety and protects the machines they work with, as there is no relative movement for the workpiece, no clamping forces transferred to the guide block, and high positional accuracy and stiffness. In addition, these elements are durable, and virtually wear free.

Finding solutions

To help customers find the clamping and braking solutions that best meet their needs, the company has a “Product Finder” on its website. This valuable tool enables customers to quickly select clamping and braking elements that match their requirements. Users simply select the rail manufacturer, rail type, rail size and carriage type, and the “Product Finder” lists the elements that match the specific criteria. However, if the standard products do not meet the exact needs of the application, Zimmer Group has the expertise to develop custom solutions that complement its large and diverse range of products.

About Zimmer Group

Zimmer Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, from handling, damping and linear technologies to process, tooling and machine tooling technologies, that reflect the highest quality and reliability. It’s the company’s wide selection of quality products that has made it a leading global player, with subsidiaries and sales partners in 28 countries.

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