REDwire Clamp-on flow sensor avoids many issues common with conventional flow sensors

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FD-Q flow sensors offer speedy installation and high accuracy.

Contamination, pressure loss, leaks, continual maintenance and machine downtime are all risks associated with conventional flow sensors. But Keyence has the solution. Its FD-Q Series Flow Sensor avoids these issues thanks to its clamp-on design — a feature that results in many additional advantages, including easy installation and reduced maintenance.

Simple to mount and set up

FD-Q flow sensors offer speedy installation, with the ability to be mounted in 60 seconds without any pipe modification and without the need to shut the machine down. The unit simply clamps on to the outside of a pipe using six standard screws — four to secure the mounting bracket and two to secure the sensor — and a phillips head screwdriver. No pipe modification means that common problems such as clogging, leaking and contamination are not a concern.

Integration is equally as easy thanks to the FD-Q’s selectable I/O and pre-programmed operating modes. This allows simplified setup for all kinds of applications. In addition, the unit offers a Quick Setting Code feature where settings can be transferred to another FD-Q by a simple eight-digit code. This avoids wasting time programming several sensors for large-scale applications.

Accurate readings

Because the FD-Q unit does not directly contact the liquid thanks to its clamp-on design, there are no concerns of contacting corrosive liquids or contaminating a product. The unit simply clamps on to the outside of a pipe and can accurately sense the flow of liquid through metal or resin pipes ranging from ¼ to two inches. The FD-Q Series can detect virtually any type of liquid, including water, oils, chemicals, consumer products and more.

Additional advantages

In some mounting situations, such as behind or under a machine, it can be difficult to read the FD-Q’s display. By pairing the unit with an MU-N controller, a separate display can be utilised. The MU-N’s clear, OLED display is easy to read and offers real-time graphing for simplified flow monitoring. This controller also has an Ethernet IP output option.

To learn more about the FD-Q Series Flow Sensor, contact Keyence Canada.


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