REDwire Chronometric speed indicators feature simple, reliable contact measurement

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Chronometric type speed indicators are available from Megger.

Chronometric type speed indicators are available from Megger for simple and reliable testing of motors. These speed indicators are contact style instruments that can measure average RPM using an all mechanical design, which means that no batteries are needed and there are no electrical field interference problems.

Contact style measurement

The indicator is supplied with a number of accessory tips and a fibre disc wheel, which can be placed in contact with the moving equipment to be tested. In as little as three seconds, the indicator can provide average RPM, as well as surface speeds in feet per minute.

There are several models available for testing different nominal speed ranges, including 100 RPM, 1,000 RPM and 10,000 RPM. When testing in the 10,000 RPM range, the timing interval is three seconds, while the 1,000 RPM range and below will require six seconds.

Simple operation

To perform testing using the chronometric type speed indicator, all that's required is to fit a suitable accessory tip or the fibre disc wheel on to the instrument and then put it in contact with the moving equipment. The drive tip or wheel should be allowed to rotate evenly, and once the operation button is pressed, the instrument will indicate the average speed during the testing period.

More information

These instruments have a dial with a numbered scale that reads directly in RPM. Surface speed can also be determined in feet per minute by using a supplied circumference wheel and dividing the scale reading by two. As an option, an additional circumference wheel can be supplied that enables direct feet per minute readings.

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