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Henkel offers a variety of Loctite threadlocking adhesives.

Threadlockers are one of the most reliable and inexpensive ways to ensure that a threaded assembly remains locked and leak proof for its entire service life. Choosing the appropriate threadlocker for industrial equipment can save users millions of dollars in unscheduled downtime costs each year. 

In a recent blog on the Henkel website, Adam Lyman, an MRO application engineer with the company, shared tips on how to choose the right threadlocker.

Look at fastener size

“The strength and viscosity of the threadlocker required for an application are directly related to the size of the fastener used,” he wrote. 

For example, screws up to ¼-inch in diameter, such as calibration screws, meters, gauges and other fasteners that will need ongoing adjustment, should use a low strength threadlocker. 

For fasteners up to ¾ inch in diameter used in machine tools and presses, pumps, compressors, and as mounting bolts, medium strength threadlockers work well.

High strength threadlockers are best used on fasteners up to one inch in diameter, such as those found in permanent assembly applications like heavy equipment and a variety of mounts. 

For pre-assembled fasteners up to ½ inch in diameter, low viscosity penetrating threadlocking formulations are the best choice. 

Consider operating conditions

Lyman writes that the operating conditions of the end-use environment can also dictate the threadlocking formulation needed. The newest threadlocking technologies offer many advantages that were never before available. These include surface insensitive, high temperature and chemically resistant formulations, as well as formulations engineered to withstand extreme vibration. 

Semi-solid threadlocking sticks and tape formulations are also available for applications where liquids might be too messy or may potentially migrate out of the desired location.

More information

Henkel offers a wide variety of Loctite threadlocking adhesives, in both liquid, semi-solid and tape form, that are designed to ensure that threaded fasteners remain secure and sealed for their entire service life. 

To learn more about the company’s lineup, contact Henkel


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