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Norpak works with trusted supplier partners like Hytrol to provide the right conveyor equipment for each application.

Norpak Handling is proud to be an authorized distributor of Hytrol products in Canada, carrying a wide selection of the manufacturer’s products — from gravity, belt and live roller conveyors to accumulating, low-profile, chain and slat conveyors (and more). With such a broad selection, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which solution is the most appropriate. But Norpak Handling has the expertise to help.

Application information sheet

Norpak Handling’s website features an Application Information Sheet, which asks a series of important questions to help the company’s experts determine the optimum conveyor and equipment to suit the application.

The required information includes:

  • The type of product that will be handled;
  • The length, width, height and weight of the products that will be handled, as well as the colour of the items;
  • Whether or not there will be shock loading;
  • The rate of items per hour;
  • The weight of the total live load;
  • How many hours a day, and days per week, the conveyor will be running;
  • Whether the conveyor will be stopped and started under a full load;
  • The maximum number of starts per minute;
  • Whether or not the conveyor will be reversible and, if so, how many times per minute;
  • The style of wood pallet that will be used on the conveyor; and
  • The conditions surrounding the conveyor (i.e., dusty, humid, corrosive, etc.).

Once this information sheet is completed, the customer can send it to a knowledgeable Norpak sales rep ( for help determining the best conveyor style and configuration. Or simply call a member of Norpak’s sales and service team at 800-854-6054, and they’ll be happy to review the application.

A leading distributor

Norpak Handling has been providing industrial conveyors and equipment to customers across Canada for close to 30 years. Its team of experts works with trusted supplier partners to provide the right conveyor equipment for each application, and then leverages its engineering expertise to meet the needs of the application.

To learn more, contact Norpak Handling.


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