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All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.

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All Custom Gasket specializes in compressed non-asbestos material.

All Custom Gasket has been catering to the diverse needs of core industries, such as aerospace, industrial, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, marine, railway, oil exploration and more, for 28 years. With a vast inventory of material, All Custom Gasket is able to meet its customers' urgent enquiries and delivery dates. 

The company specializes in compressed non-asbestos material, a combination of aramid fibres and rubber, which enhances the temperature and pressure performance of the gasket. 

The extensive lineup includes:

Garlock Series – Operating at temperatures of - 40 to 700 degrees F.

Style (Colour) Capabilities    
Bluegard 3000 (Blue) Excellent sealability    
Bluegard 3200/3400 (Off White/Black)  Suited for applications contacting water, saturated steam, mild acids and alkalies  
Bluegard 3300 (Black) Ideal in oil, fuel and refrigerant applications
Bluegard 3700 (Light Grey)  Great for contact with acids and adds exceptional resistance to weather aging
Gylon 3500 (Fawn), 3504 (Blue), 3510 (Off White), (White)  

Great for 450 to 500 degrees F, with excellent resistance to cold flow

Gylon 3545 is designed for low bolt load applications, particularly situations where a rigid gasket is required (i.e., hard-to-reach piping systems, valves and flanges).

Teadit Series - Operating at temperatures of 100 to 700 degrees F. 

Style (Colour)  Capabilities 
NA1001 (Green) Used in water and wastewater industries
NA1076 (Black)   Handles refrigerants, saturated steam, oils, fluids, mild acids and alkalies
NA1080 (Off White)  For use with mild acids, alkalies, brine, air, industrial gases and general chemicals 
NA1122 (Black) High performance steam service sheet that demonstrates superior thermal stability during extreme thermal cycling applications

Klinger Series - This series has operating temperatures of 100 to 700 degrees F.

Style (Colour)  Capabilities
C4401 (Green) High torque retention and anti-stick properties
C4430 (White/Green) Used in steam applications and has excellent chemical resistance 
C4439 (Red) Withstands high temperatures 

Durlon Series - This series has operating temperatures of 100 to 700 degrees F. 

Style (Colour)  Capabilities
Durlon 8500 (Green) Used in steam and natural gas applications, including chemical, refinery, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage applications
Durlon 8700 (Blue)  Excellent resistance to ozone and many refrigerants and oils  
Durlon 9000 (Blue) Ideal for chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage and railroad tank car industries that operate in temperatures up to 500 degrees F.

Frenzelite Series

Style (Colour) Capabilities 
Novatec 825 (Cranberry)  High stress relaxation properties, withstands up to 825 degrees F  
Novatec 925 (Grape) Working in temperatures up to 925 degrees F, this material can often be seen in heat exchangers, vessels, valves and pumps
Novatec Premium XP (Blue) Excellent torque retention and superior sealability, and can operate in temperatures up to 1,000 degrees F.

For more information on its lineup of non-asbestos gaskets, contact All Custom Gasket.


All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.

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