REDwire Chevrier offers sound level meters that are reliable and easy to use

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Sound level meters from Kimo Canada are highly reliable.

Chevrier Instruments is proud to offer sound level meters from Kimo Canada, including the SDA and DB 100 models. These meters offer high reliability, ease of use and compliance with metrology requirements.


This sound level meter is capable of measuring sound-pressure level and sound-pressure level LA as per two weighting times (fast or slow). It is suitable for use with stable or slightly fluctuating sound sources. This meter can store the maximum and minimum values.

DB 100

This meter offers the same capabilities as the SDA, but can also provide time-averaged sound levels and is suitable for use with fluctuating sound sources. The time-averaged sound level measurement is taken in dBA with a user-programmable integration time from one second to 15 minutes.

Common features

These meters have a number of the same features. They both use microphones with nominal sensitivity of 20 mV/Pa. They provide a measuring range from 30 to 130 dB with a resolution of 0.1 dB. For the power supply, these meters use three AAA or rechargeable batteries, which provide a minimum of 30 hours of operation. The SDA and DB 100 meters comply with several standards, including IEC 61672-1 Class 2, IEC 61651 Class 2, and IEC 60804 Class 2.

Automatic testing

Also available from Chevrier Instruments is the CTL 100 device for automatic checking of sound level meters. When plugged into a sound level meter, the CTL 100 provides a stable acoustic signal of 90 dB at 1,000 Hz. This device allows users to check the performance of sound level meters periodically. It should be used for an initial check upon delivery of a new sound level meter, before each measurement dataset, and anytime the meter is impacted, stored for a long period, or stored in extreme environments.

For more information on the sound meters and accessories available from Chevrier Instruments, visit the company’s website.


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