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A variety of manometers are available from Chevrier Instruments.

Chevrier Instruments can provide a variety of column manometers that are designed and manufactured by KIMO Canada. Both vertical column and inclined column types are available, and offer a number of features for various pressure measurement applications.

Vertical column manometers

The TJ Series of vertical liquid column manometers are typically used for measuring variations in pressure, depression or differential pressure of air or gas. The measurement ranges for these manometers vary depending on the type of manometric liquid used. Some of the options are AWS 10, Volt 1S and mercury.

The TJ Series offers a number of features, including a "J"-shaped column that allows direct measuring, and a slide strip for zero adjustment. These manometers can be used in fixed applications with any manometric liquid, or portably when VOLT 1S liquid is used. They are supplied with accessories including two 487 connectors, a bottle of liquid, and a white PVC support.

The LU Series of vertical column manometers offers all of the same benefits as the TJ models. The difference is the LU Series has a "U"-shaped column for measuring consecutively positive and negative pressures.

Inclined column manometers

The HP range of inclined liquid column manometers are ideal for measuring overpressures in clean rooms, laboratories, aseptic rooms, operating blocks, laminar flows and more. These manometers feature high sensitivity measurement and very low pressure ranges. They also have an integrated spirit level to allow adjusting horizontally. These manometers come with a bottle of AWS 10 liquid.

The TX Series inclined column manometers are similar to the HP range, except they have a scale with centred zero so they can measure positive and negative pressures.

The MT 40 range of inclined column manometers were designed to offer portability. They are perfect for work in the heating trade, such as checking pressures in filters, chimney flues and combustion chambers. These manometers are easy to carry, come with a travelling case, and are equipped with magnetic fixations and a support with base plate.

For more information on the variety of measurement control instrumentation Chevrier Instruments can offer, visit the company’s website.


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