REDwire Cartridge heater selection and installation

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Process Heaters offers high-quality cartridge heaters.

A variety of cartridge heaters are available from Process Heaters. Some of the different types available include high or low density, metric, immersion and pennybottom. The experts at Process Heaters can help customers determine the best option for a particular application.

A wide selection

Process Heaters supplies cartridge heaters from leading manufacturers such as Bucan. These heaters are built to handle tough industrial use. Some applications they are typically used for include plastic mouldings, packaging equipment, heating tanks, plastic extruders and labelling machinery.

Some of the options available for these heaters include lead orientation, length, protective coverings and very high temperature ratings. Fittings can be integrated into the heater design, and they are available with terminal boxes for added electrical safety. These heaters are also available in water and contamination-resistant models, and with quick power disconnect.

Important tips

Once you find the right cartridge heater, there are some simple tips to keep in mind to ensure installation is fast and easy, according to Bucan, one of Process Heaters’ suppliers.

For example, the manufacturer suggests that if the cartridge heater has been stored for long periods while exposed to air and moisture, the heater should be energized on a low voltage before use. This eliminates the chance of moisture contamination. Cartridge heaters should be stored in sealed bags.

Cartridge heaters should also fit tightly into receptacle holes, according to Bucan. If the receptacle hole is loose or worn out, one solution is to drill and ream the hole to the next standard size up, so a larger cartridge can be used.

The heater should be completely immersed in the receptacle hole. If having an exposed section is unavoidable, that section should be unheated. Use proper mounting attachments to keep heaters in place and prevent vibration from edging them out.

More information

To learn more about cartridge heater selection and installation, contact Process Heaters website.


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