REDwire Careful quality control ensures all Rosta elements meet the highest standards

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Rosta manufactures and tests its elements to the highest quality standards.

Rosta, the leading maker of rubber suspension elements, places the utmost importance on quality validation. The company has a well-equipped research and development department that performs material tests both before and during production. This rigorous testing guarantees all of Rosta’s products meet the highest standards.

Testing to high standards

Rosta has been ISO 9001-certified as a development, manufacturing and distribution company since 1992. All of the company’s products undergo periodical function and quality control. Rosta has an in-house laboratory that performs continuous testing of rubber inserts. Some of the characteristics that are tested include Shore A hardness, abrasive wear, tensile strength, rebound resilience, compression set, aging behaviour and breaking elongation. The rubber inserts are inspected to dimensional tolerances that meet the DIN 7715 standard, and the tolerance for Shore A hardness to meet the DIN 53505 standard.

When it comes to testing the rubber suspensions’ housings and inner-core profiles, the tolerances depend on the specific production process and material used. For instance, these products may be produced using casting, extrusion and edge rolling processes, and may incorporate materials, including steel tube, light metal castings, or nodular cast iron parts.

Employee dedication to quality

To help ensure manufacturing is precise and consistent, Rosta uses equipment that incorporates state-of-the-art technology. That includes everything from its production and tooling machines to handling equipment and processing systems. But according to the company, that equipment only works perfectly when it’s operated by reliable and motivated employees.

“It is their competence, their quality considerations and their great willingness to work that lay the foundations for the production of high-quality goods.”

Rosta in Canada

Rosta products are available in Canada through the company’s Uxbridge, Ont.-based subsidiary, Rosta Inc. The company offers a range of standard components from its extensive inventory, though the factory in Switzerland is always ready to assist with specific design requirements. The company has an extensive local distribution network with trained and competent staff across Canada.

To learn more about how the company strives to provide rubber suspensions of the highest quality, contact Rosta Inc.


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