REDwire Caps, plugs and flange protectors keep pipe ends safe from damage

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MOCAP has a large portfolio of pipe caps, plugs and flange protectors.

As a leading supplier of plastic and rubber protective products, MOCAP has a large portfolio of pipe caps, plugs and flange protectors designed to reliably protect threaded pipes from damage and contamination during transit, handling and storage. Its portfolio includes units that fit many styles and sizes of threaded pipe ends.

Pipe caps

PC Series pipe caps are moulded in black, low-density polyethylene plastic. They are designed to protect metric, BSP and NPT male pipe threads of many sizes, from ¼- through 16-NPT, ⅛- through 16-BSP, or eight- through 406.4-millimetre threads.

Pipe plugs

PP Series pipe plugs are also moulded in black, low-density polyethylene plastic; however, these items are sized to fit metric, BSP and NPT pipe in sizes ½- through six-NPT, ½- through six-BSP or 21.3- through 177.8-millimetre threads.

Flange protectors

MOCAP also carries MOF Series outside fitting flange protectors. Made of yellow, low-density polyethylene, these units are designed to easily snap over the full face and sides of flanges that range in size from ½ through 10 inches.

MPI Series push-in flange protectors are also available to fit many different styles and sizes of flanges. They are moulded in yellow, low-density polyethylene plastic to fit pipe flange faces ranging in size from ½ through 12 inches.

Lastly, Series MBH bolt hole flange protectors are the most commonly used flange protectors in the industry. They are moulded in black and blue low-density polyethylene plastic to fit ½- through 12-inch nominal sized pipe flanges. These protectors can snap in easily without the need for additional fasteners.

Additional details

MOCAP pipe caps, plugs and flange protectors are easy to install and remove, so they offer maximum flexibility. They can be ordered in Micro-Pack and Mini-Pack quantities when less than case quantities are required. They can be easily ordered from the company’s website by simply clicking on the shopping cart and selecting the part number and quantity required. 

For more information, contact MOCAP.



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