REDwire Cable assemblies: commercial grade vs. military spec

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Bergen Cable can supply aircraft grade cable assemblies.

Control cable assemblies of all types are available from Bergen Cable Technology. The company can provide custom assemblies, including commercial grade or military specification cable. While commercial grade is often an appropriate and cost-effective option, there are many applications outside of the military that call for the fatigue resistance of military cable.

Military cable applications

Military specification cable is used for a variety of applications beyond aircraft control assemblies. For example, the cable used in X-ray and MRI equipment is critical to human safety. Bergen Cable Technology’s experience with military cable allows it to provide medical device manufacturers with a solution that dramatically reduces liability concerns with only a minimal increase in manufacturing cost.

Another non-military application that benefits from military specification cable is surgical devices. During surgical procedures, the surgeons shouldn’t have to worry about the reliability of a suture gun, or the chance of leaving foreign debris behind in a patient. Thanks to the experience Bergen Cable Technology’s engineers have with military grade assemblies, they were able to design miniature fittings that provided exceptional reliability while meeting the space constraints.

Another example is non-rotating military specification cable, also referred to as “spin resistant” cable. This special cable was built for military applications, including rescue hoists and cargo winches, but has also been used in everything from lighting fixtures to physical fitness equipment.

Commercial grade cost savings

In applications that do not call for the high fatigue resistance of aircraft control cable, commercial grade cable and fittings can provide a more cost-effective option. This cable is available in jacketed and non-jacked types, and in a variety of constructions to suit the application.

More information

Bergen Cable Technology has been in business for more than 60 years. Its military specification cables meet MIL-DTL-83420. In addition, the company’s quality assurance program conforms with ISO9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 Rev. C.

For more information, visit the Bergen Cable Technology website.


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