REDwire Cabinet manufacturers see major benefits following Exel installation

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Many kitchen cabinet manufacturers select Xcite Airmix guns to dispense stains and coatings.

As an expert in finishing and dispensing solutions, Exel North America offers a wide selection of pumps and spray guns that suit many different industries and applications. One market that benefits from the quality and ease of use of the company’s products is the kitchen and bath industry

Case in point

Aya Kitchens and Baths is a custom kitchen manufacturer whose quality products are made in Canada. Its Mississauga, Ont. location was already using Exel North America’s spray guns to achieve a quality finish on its products, so when it was time for an upgrade, Exel North America’s solutions were a natural choice. Aya selected four Xcite Airmix guns to dispense all types of stains, lacquers, sealers, solid colours and UV coatings on its kitchen cabinets. The company ended up with an ergonomically designed solution that offered better atomization and better fan control. Plus, it was lighter, featured easy trigger pull and had the ability to swivel to help get into corners easily.

Another example is a large kitchen cabinet manufacturer from Alabama. This company, too, was already using quality equipment from Exel. So when it was time for it to upgrade its Kremlin MVX guns, it remained an Exel customer and selected 20 Xcite Airmix guns. The result was less overspray, increased booth filter life, better product finish and improved ergonomics. Overall, the new Xcite Airmix gun improved the performance of the company’s paint sprayers.  

Normac Kitchens, from Thornhill, Ont., is another satisfied customer in the kitchen and bath space. This company was looking to update its equipment to give clients a more durable finish after some products were being scratched even before leaving the plant. The team selected a Cyclomix Micro PH, a 16:120F base pump with M3R, a 20:25F PH catalyst pump, a three-gun manifold and three remote fluid regulators from Exel North America. Normac realized several major benefits following the installation. Thanks to the new solution, the company was able to reduce waste generation and rejects, improve mixing ratio, finish quality and productivity, and, most importantly, maintain its client base by offering a superior product with a more durable finish.   

More information

Exel North America provides many examples of customer success stories on its website, featuring companies in a range of different industries, from kitchen and bath to oil and gas, and more. 

For additional information on how its quality solutions can help improve your specific application, contact Exel North America



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