REDwire Butterfly valves offer unparalleled reliability

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IPEX Inc.’s highly versatile butterfly valves can be used for simple on/off service, but also for processes requiring precise throttling.

IPEX Inc.’s highly versatile butterfly valves, part of the company’s line of thermoplastic valves, can be used for simple on/off service, but also for processes requiring precise throttling. End-of-line installation of a lugged version allows for downstream piping disassembly with the upstream system still under pressure. The extensive size range and material availability make them suitable for a wide range of applications. With simple, direct mounting for actuation, automated process control can be easily achieved.

Among the offerings is the FK Series Butterfly Valves, which feature superior strength and the excellent chemical resistance needed to operate in the corrosive environments often found near flanged connections. The special trapezoid shape of the liner and a serrated body cavity guarantee a bubble tight seal while keeping break-away torque at an absolute minimum. Double self-lubricating seals (available in either EPDM or FPM), direct actuator mount capability, and choice of a lever handle or mounted gear box are just a few more features of this technologically advanced valve.

The FK Series Lugged Butterfly Valves have the world's first integral lug design. Unlike other plastic butterfly valves, these feature stainless steel lugs permanently anchored in the body of the valve. This unique design provides for full bi-directional operation, and allows disassembly and assembly of the downstream flange connection without weakening the integrity of the upstream connection to the pressurized line. The same body, disc and seal material options as the normal FK are available for the lugged version. 

The FE Series Butterfly Valves incorporate many of the features and benefits of IPEX’s industrial FK valves, yet they are among the most competitively priced thermoplastic butterfly valves available today. The all-PVC construction with EPDM liner makes this valve the perfect choice for applications ranging from swimming pools to chemical processes. The FE can be operated by either a lever handle or mounted gear box.

Quarter Turn Automation is an ideal solution for precise control of many valves in a system, when valves are remotely located, or when the process requires constant monitoring and adjustment. Pneumatic and electric actuators can be easily fitted on ball, multi-port and butterfly valves.

IPEX Inc. has more than 50 years of design and manufacturing experience. Its lightweight, long life, maintenance-free valves will save customer’s time and money, and its high-tech automated manufacturing and testing facility ensures unparalleled reliability for each and every valve.

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