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Clear strip curtains block arc flash, aid in fume containment and allow light to enter the welding booths.

Lincoln Electric offers custom welding booths complete with fume extraction, power sources and everything needed to get a welding school up and running quickly and safely. Designed with flexibility and modularity in mind, the booths are available with many options to ensure each customer gets what they need. 

A menu of features and options

  • The custom welding booths are available in three sizes — four feet by four feet, five feet by five feet, and six feet by six feet. 
  • A rugged steel construction.
  • A back draft panel with manual damper provides fume extraction for welding at table height. 
  • A top draft panel provides fume extraction for out-of-position welding. 
  • Combining both top and back draft panels is suitable for welding schools with low ceilings.
  • A welding table with post.
  • The Power Wave C300, an advanced, compact, multi-process power source with an integrated wire feeder, is ideal for welding on a variety of materials, including stainless and aluminum. 
  • An optional swivel stand for the Power Wave C300.
  • An optional modular fume extraction hood.
  • Clear strip curtains block arc flash, aid in fume containment and allow light to enter the booth.
  • A swivel clamp holds welding coupons in multiple positions.

Additional details

The welding booth is easy to install, which minimizes startup costs and allows customers to get started as soon as possible. The booths are ideal for use in stationary production welding applications, vocational centres and training facilities. 

To learn more about the company’s welding booths, and how it can customize them to meet each user’s needs, contact Lincoln Electric. The leading global manufacturer of high-quality welding, cutting and joining products and accessories has locations across the globe, so it is well-positioned to help its customers. 


Lincoln Electric (Canada)

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