REDwire Buffer rings from Daemar reliably protect hydraulic systems

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Buffer rings are available from Daemar.

Daemar’s lineup of hydraulic seal products combines the high quality and performance that sealing applications demand. Buffer rings are part of the company’s comprehensive selection. These critical components are designed to buffer the pressure spikes of hydraulic systems. They are available in a variety of styles to meet the needs of each application.

The need

Buffer rings act as a primary rod seal. However, they also enable trapped fluid sealed by the secondary seal, which is downstream of the buffer, to be pumped back into the system. When a buffer ring is used in combination with a lip seal, the resulting sealing system provides long life with an exceptionally dry rod. Buffer seals are commonly used for rod seal application only.

The selection

Buffer rings from Daemar are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. For example, Style KR is moulded in PTFE with a rubber energizer, which allows it to absorb the shock of pressure spikes to protect the rod seal. Style DYR, on the other hand, offers an asymmetric sealing lip profile, chamfered sealing edges and pressure relieving capabilities. This design prevents inner pressure entrapment when used in a tandem sealing system. Another option, RBS style rod buffer seals, are a rectangular urethane buffer ring designed to absorb pressure fluctuations to protect the primary rod seal. There are several other styles available, too.

The distributor

Buffer rings are among the millions of components available from Daemar, a leading distributor founded more than 40 years ago to serve the fluid sealing and precision components markets. Since it was launched, the company has earned a reputation for offering the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.

To learn more about its selection of buffer rings, contact Daemar. The company has four locations across North America to serve its customers. 


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