REDwire Budlar Flexible Products performs vulcanizing service to create durable custom o-rings

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A vulcanization service for most compounds is available from Budlar Flexible Products.

Budlar Flexible Products offers a single source for all types of rubber products, extrusions or compounds. The company works with a wide range of materials, maintains a large stock of cord, and can fulfill custom or standard orders of any size with exceptionally short turnaround times.

Another essential part of the company’s one-stop offering is its capability to perform vulcanizing. It offers vulcanizing service for most compounds and often produces custom vulcanized o-rings. 


Vulcanization is a process that increases the durability of rubber and related polymers. In its uncured state, natural rubber has a number of characteristics that make it unsuitable for applications that require high elasticity: it is sticky, it is brittle when cold, and it deforms easily when warm. Vulcanization changes the chemical structure of rubber to avoid these issues.

The chemical structure of un-vulcanized rubber consists of long polymer chains, which can move independently, allowing the material to change shape. Vulcanization introduces crosslinks, typically through the addition of sulphur, that prevent these polymer chains from moving independently. The result is a material that can deform under stress and then revert to its original shape.

Budlar Flexible Products expertise 

With more than 35 years of industry experience, Budlar Flexible Products is the perfect source for all types of vulcanized rubber products. Its facility is equipped with 36 splicing/vulcanizing machines. It offers custom vulcanized o-rings in many stock compounds, including Aflas, Buna, EPDM, neoprene, pure gum, silicone and Viton. 

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