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Bucket elevators are one of the most efficient, reliable and economical means of elevating virtually any loose bulk material.

Bucket elevators, from Continental Conveyor, are one of the most efficient, reliable and economical means of elevating virtually any loose bulk material.

Each Continental elevator — whether it's the centrifugal or continuous bucket design — is the result of the company’s extensive experience in the design and manufacture of bulk material handling equipment. 

Centrifugal bucket elevators are the most widely used types of elevators when handling fine, free-flowing materials that can be dug from the elevator boot. Small lumps can be handled, provided that the proper sized bucket is used. The centrifugal design allows for a lower feed point, simpler loading and fewer buckets than continuous bucket elevators. The buckets can be mounted on either a chain or a belt, depending on the material in question, and are discharged by centrifugal force as they pass over the head sprocket or pulley.

Continuous bucket elevators are recommended for handling sluggish, aerated or friable material, and material comprised of a large percentage of lumps. Continuously spaced buckets are mounted on a single strand of chain or belt travelling at lower speeds than the centrifugal type. They are confined at the loading zone by a loading leg to prevent material from spilling into the bottom of the boot, as the closely spaced buckets cannot efficiently dig material out of the boot. The buckets are designed so that the fronts and the extended sides form a chute as they pass around the head pulley or sprocket. Gravity causes the material to flow gently out of the buckets and down the chute, formed by the preceding buckets, into the discharge spout. 

When requirements call for elevating bulk material with characteristics ranging from 300 mesh to five-inch lump size, with a capacity from 300 CFH to 5400 CFH, there is a Continental bucket elevator to suit your requirements. 

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