REDwire Brush-top packaging enables simple, one-hand application of Henkel lubricants

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The seven-ounce brush-top tube is currently available on four Loctite anti-seize formulations.

Henkel has introduced a compact package for one-hand dispensing of Loctite anti-seize lubricants. The screw-on brush-top applicator is designed for precision and ease of use, providing excellent coverage in extreme industrial environments. 

The seven-ounce brush-top tube is currently available on four Loctite anti-seize formulations, which are designed to ease assembly and disassembly of slip-fit and threaded joints, reduce friction and wear on critical operating equipment, and protect against high temperatures, heavy loads, chemicals and fluids. 

The Loctite LB 8008 copper-based anti-seize lubricant can be used on copper, brass, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, all plastics and all non-metallic gasketing materials in temperatures from -29 to 982 degrees C (-20 to 1800 degrees F). This lead-free formula suspends copper and graphite into a high-quality lubricant that allows all mated parts (i.e., studs, bolts, flanges and gaskets) to be removed more easily. 

The Loctite LB 8150 silver-grade anti-seize lubricant can operate in temperatures up to 871 degrees C (1600 degrees F). The heavy-duty, petroleum-based lubricant is fortified with graphite and metallic flake, and designed for long-term durability. 

The Loctite LB 8009 heavy-duty anti-seize is a graphite/calcium fluoride formulation that provides outstanding lubrication on all metals at temperatures up to 1315 degrees C (2400 degrees F).

The Loctite LB 8023 marine-grade anti-seize metal-free lubricant protects assemblies exposed to fresh and salt water, as well as high humidity. With excellent lubricity, water wash-out and water spray resistance, this lubricant prevents galvanic corrosion in temperatures from -29 to 1315 degrees C (-20 to 2400 degrees F).

In addition to these four grades, Henkel offers a full range of anti-seize formulas without the brush-top, ideal for general purpose, metal-free, food-grade and high-purity materials. Formulas are available as traditional liquids, in brush-top bottles and as semisolid sticks.

To learn more, contact Henkel. The company’s Loctite industrial adhesives and sealants provide solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges


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