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Ohio Broach is a good source for sharpening and repair services.

Broaching machines offer high precision results that are ideal for high-quantity production runs. But to get the most out of the broaching process, it's important to make sure the machine and tool are working properly. The tooling must be sharpened to make a proper cut and provide high-quality results.

Tool sharpening and more

Ohio Broach & Machine Company can help make sure broaching operations go smoothly, as the company offers sharpening, reconditioning and repair services for broach tooling of all types. That includes small or large round broaches, keyways, surface broaches and form broaches. The company can also work with all types of tool materials, including PM T15, PM M48, PM M4, M2, M3 and M42 high-speed steels.

Some of the services available include:

  • Sharpening (flat or round);
  • Repair;
  • Reconditioning;
  • Coating or recoating;
  • Brazing;
  • Welding;
  • Deburring;
  • Straightening; and
  • Alterations.

To machine tooling to precise customer specifications, Ohio Broach uses CNC regrinding equipment and a radius and face angle gauging set. A number of tool coatings are available that can extend tool life, including titanium nitride, titanium carbonitride and titanium aluminum nitride. Tool sharpening services usually have a lead time of one to two weeks. To minimize downtime in the event of an emergency, the company can offer sharpening services 24 hours a day.

Machine rebuilds

Ohio Broach is also an ideal source for broach machine rebuilding services. The company has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of these machines, so its knowledgeable staff knows how to efficiently rebuild out-of-service machines and return them to working order. That includes cleaning, grinding, replacing parts and installing up-to-date electrical and hydraulic systems.

More information

For more information on the tool sharpening, repair and machine rebuild services available from Ohio Broach, visit the company’s website.


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