REDwire Broach tools made to precise tolerances

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The Ohio Broach & Machine Company prides itself on the broach tools it manufactures.

The heart of any broaching operation is the broach tool itself. The Ohio Broach & Machine Company prides itself on the broach tools it manufactures. Whether from a tool print supplied by the customer, or a tool that it designed, The Ohio Broach & Machine Company will always manufacture broach tools to precise tolerances and finish requirements.

Much of the machining performed during the manufacture of the broach tools is performed on CNC equipment. From the rough green machining to the grinding of the cutting edges after heat treatment, the CNC capabilities permit Ohio Broach to maintain uniform and exacting tolerances on the broach tools. In addition, the use of this type of equipment allows the tools to be ground under coolant, providing superior surface finishes.

Ohio Broach can manufacture surface broach inserts, including flat slab, straddle, slot, radius notch, key slot, pot, tooth forms, gear rack and an infinite type of form broach inserts, as well as internal pull-type broaches such as keyway, square, hexes, 12-point double hexes, splines, serrations, “D”, double”D” and many other special forms.

Upon completion of the manufacturing process, the company can recommend a coating and have it applied to the broach tool. Various coatings are available and are generally recommended based upon the material being broached. Some benefits of coating broach tools are improved surface finish, increased tool life and reduced burr.

In addition to broach tools, The Ohio Broach & Machine Company can manufacture holders for the broach inserts that will properly orient the broach tools to each other to make the precise cut on the part. The holder will be designed for mounting to the customer’s specific machine ram. The company can also manufacture part holding fixtures that will accurately locate and securely hold the part in the proper orientation to permit the broach tools to perform their cut. For pull broaches, Ohio Broach can manufacture pullers and retriever pullers that connect the broach tools to your machine. 

The company has the capability to manufacture a complete, turnkey broach tooling package for your broaching application. Contact The Ohio Broach & Machine Company for details. 


The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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