REDwire Broach tool basics: A look at different tool options

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There are many options available for broach tools from Ohio Broach.

Broaching is an efficient and precise machining method that is used in the manufacturing of all types of products. To suit the various applications, broach tools come in many varieties. Companies like Ohio Broach & Machine Company can design and manufacture custom broach tools and machines to suit practically any requirement. With all of the options available, it's important to understand the different types and characteristics of broach tools to help determine which option best meets your needs.

Categories of broach tools

Broach tools can be categorized in several ways. For example, they can be categorized by the type of broaching they perform (internal or surface broaching), the type of motion they use, and whether they are one solid piece or built from multiple pieces, which can offer cost savings because if a part of the broach wears out, there's no need to replace the entire broach.


Broaches are typically made from high-speed steel or alloy steels. To extend tool life, titanium nitride coatings can be applied. Ohio Broach & Machine Company can make broach tooling from a variety of alloy steels such as PM M4, PM T15, M2, M3, M42 and PM M48/REX 76. The company also offers several options for tool coatings, including titanium nitride, titanium carbonitride and titanium aluminum nitride.

An ideal source

Ohio Broach & Machine Company is an ideal source for all types of services related to broaching. The company is known for its expertise in all aspects of broaching, from machine design and manufacturing to repair and production broaching services. In fact, no matter what type of broach you use, Ohio Broach can keep them working properly with its tool sharpening and reconditioning services, which include brazing, sharpening, straightening, welding and alterations.

To learn more about the many options available for broach tools, visit the Ohio Broach & Machine Company website.


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