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Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.

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The experts at Bohne Spring can help customers by suggesting the most appropriate solutions.

When customers order springs, wire forms or four-slide stampings from a full-service manufacturer like Bohne Spring, the possibilities are virtually endless. From complex designs to special materials, the company can accommodate any requirement. To some buyers, the sheer number of options may be overwhelming. The experts at Bohne Spring can help customers by suggesting the most appropriate solutions. But for those who want to get started themselves, the spring design resources available from the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) are an ideal way to learn more.

Spring design resources

SMI offers the Encyclopedia of Spring Design. This four-volume set covers many aspects of spring design, including fundamentals, basic design concepts, specialized types of springs, and testing/tolerancing. The encyclopedia was designed as a practical guide for design engineers. The understanding it provides on various spring types is useful, as all of these spring types are available from Bohne Spring. For instance, the company has experience making all kinds of compression, extension, torsion and specialty springs.

For a more concise reference guide, SMI also offers the Handbook of Spring Design. The 100-page handbook covers the essentials of design, materials and tolerances. This handbook was designed as a handy reference to be kept at workstations or in a briefcase. 

Bohne Spring expertise

When customers are making an RFQ or placing an order with Bohne Spring, they can use this knowledge of spring design to submit drawings, specifications and special requirements. No matter what unique challenges may be involved, Bohne Spring can handle it. Conversely, as a full service manufacturer, Bohne Spring can provide design assistance or create a new and innovative solution. 

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Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.

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