REDwire Bohne Spring offers versatile compression and extension springs

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Bohne Spring makes a variety of compression springs, including magazine styles.

Compression and extension springs have many uses. The diverse applications for these springs range from industrial machinery, automotive, aircraft and electrical components to surgical equipment and children’s toys. 

As a full-service manufacturer of custom springs, Bohne Spring has experience with the many applications of these versatile components. The Toronto-based company often works with clients from a broad array of industries, and has the manufacturing capability to produce compression and extension springs in many styles from a large variety of sizes and materials. 

Here are a couple of examples of the specialized applications Bohne Spring has experience with:

Compression springs for firearms

Bohne Spring makes a variety of compression springs, including magazine styles. Magazine springs are used in firearm magazines to push the bullets into the chamber. For the firearm to function properly, the spring must be designed with the correct dimensions and rate.

Bohne Spring offers the precision manufacturing needed for such critical applications, and often serves the defence industry.

To make compression springs, the company can work with a variety of materials, such as music wire, missile wire, brass, copper cadmium and stainless steel type 302 and 17-7PH. 

Extension springs for oil seals

Bohne Spring can manufacture extension springs to meet practically any design requirement. The company’s offerings include garter springs, which are extension springs connected at the ends to create a circular shape. They are often used in belt-driven motors, oil seals, shaft seals and more.

Extension springs are typically made from music wire and stainless steel type 302. However, Bohne Spring offers zinc- or phosphate-plated springs for additional protection against corrosion.  

More details 

Compression and extension springs from Bohne Spring are available in maximum wire diameters of 5.25 millimetres or 0.207 inches. For details about its custom spring manufacturing services, contact Bohne Spring.


Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.

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