REDwire Blown an industrial gasket? Top three ways you can tell

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Faulty gaskets are a common occurrence in older model vehicles, industrial machinery and heavy equipment.

Gaskets are made from materials such as fiberglass, metal or plastic, which are used to ensure that a joint in a piece of equipment is tightly sealed from exterior elements.  

Gaskets are intricate and important sealants that fill the gap between the mechanisms of the equipment.

Essentially, these seals are critical in avoiding leakage of machinery fluid while the machine is in use and under maximum compression.

Read on to learn the top three signs that your gaskets may need replacement.

Compression leaks

Compression leaks between cylinders can cause lowered compression due to either an engine misfire or a harsh idle.

Because of this failure, compression from one cylinder leaks into the other affecting the integrity of the gasket.

Coolant leak

Gasket failure may occur when coolant is in the oil or vice-versa.

When oil is present in the coolant and lubrication systems, it may be a telltale sign that there is damage to the gasket.


Although not technically a blown gasket, certainly gasket corrosion can lead to leakage, which over time then weakens the integrity of the gasket material.

While gasket leaks may seem trivial in the short-term, certainly it can provide efficiency problems down the road, costing substantial amounts of money, time and effort for your business.

Don’t blow a gasket and diagnose the problem on your own

A failed gasket is not just an isolated incident. Faulty gaskets have numerous causes and complicated symptoms that must all be considered by a professional, industrial manufacturer or supplier before making a final diagnosis and subsequent course of action.

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