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Mr. Roller Inc. is proudly a family-owned business that manufactures top-performance grade wheels and casters for the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

Wheels and casters work synergistically to help your cargo move.

Wheels are the yin to the casters’ yang. Together, they work in tandem with the wheel as the circular disc, turned by the caster as the mounted swivel, which helps the circular disc rotate.

The installation of wheels and casters is at the foundation of many everyday domestic and industrial products including office furniture, hospital beds, machinery equipment and material handling systems.

From carting your groceries from checkout to car trunk, to moving your swivel office chair freely around your workstation, wheels and casters are the humble, yet important components expected to consistently hold the load of our groceries (or our bodies) while on the move.

The wheel and caster maintenance world revolves on these three main premises to keep the wheels turning on your non-powered industrial equipment.

Keep it clean in between

Regularly clean dirt and debris accumulated from the axle swivel and wheel bearings. Use cleaning products that are corrosive-free to ensure harsh chemicals do not come into contact with the wheels or casters.

Breakdown Shakedown

Smooth moves happen when caster materials are intact and of all similar type. Do a circle-check of the wheels and swivel head components to determine if there are any major thread breakdowns due to wear and tear.

Righty-tighty, Lefty-Loosey

Ensure that the axle and any of the removable or adjustable fittings are tight, using lock washers or lock nuts on all axles if necessary.

As an added safety measure, confirm that the bearing kingpin remains vertical for a more secure installation.

Set the wheels in motion and contact Mr. Roller

Mr. Roller has been on a roll since 1987, providing manufacturing magnificence of mid- to heavy-range duty wheels and casters within commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

We take great pride in our Zero Tolerance policy that outperforms the competition when it comes to wheel and caster design, inspection and production to industry standards.

Don’t let your business fall asleep at the wheel. Contact Mr. Roller today to see how our floor truck, rollers, tires and industrial wheels selection can deliver the solution you’re looking for. 


Mr Roller Inc.

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