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The Caplug Selector Guide helps customers find the right solution from Daemar's wide selection.

Daemar offers a complete selection of Caplugs products. These caps are used to protect products in a variety of industries and applications, and they include many options for materials, shapes, sizes and more.

Selector guide

The Daemar Caplugs Selector Guide can help simplify the process of finding the right solutions for a specific application. It allows customers to easily find products based on criteria, such as maximum temperatures, mechanical properties and typical applications.

The product range includes plastic parts, caps and plugs for applications ranging from automotive and aerospace to medical and consumer goods. In addition to Caplugs, the selector guide provides information on the variety of Shercon Masking products, hooks, racks, packaging and netting available.

The guide also identifies the wide range of colours available for different products. The many options for colours enable colour-coding on the jobsite. For example, colour-coding can allow workers to see which pipe is responsible for a specific function.

Material specifications

The Caplugs Selector Guide includes information on the different materials available, with charts that show their mechanical properties, electrical characteristics, service temperatures and more. These charts also show how the materials rate in regards to resistance to water absorption, sunlight, acids, alkalies, solvents, abrasion and burning.

Some of the materials available include vinyl, nylon, ABS, PVC extrusion, silicone rubber, polypropylene, and FlexTemp thermoplastic rubber. The guide also identifies product lines that comply with military and NAS specs.

More information

Daemar has been providing innovative product protection solutions for more than 40 years. The company's product offering includes more than 400 million caps, plugs, tubing, packaging and masking products. For more information, contact Daemar.


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