REDwire Bergen’s Safety Cable is approved for use in a wide range of industries

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Bergen Safety Cable offers fast and easy installation.

Safety Cable, the innovative fastener retention system developed by Bergen Cable Technology, is used in a wide variety of critical applications. The system is used as a better alternative to lockwire for efficiently and reliably securing fasteners in aerospace, military, pipelines, power generation, drilling systems and more. 

To meet the special requirements of these various industries, the Safety Cable system is approved for use under a range of standards, including FAA, NASA and Milspec.

Safety Cable approvals

The Safety Cable has FAA approval under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) for use in maintenance, rebuilding and altercation of airframes, aircraft engines, appliances, propellers, component parts and more. This should come as no surprise, as the Safety Cable was developed in conjunction with GE’s Aircraft Engine Group (GEAE) to solve the problem of loose fasteners on aircraft engines. 

It also has NASA approval for use by document CR-4473, which is a technical report on space shuttle launch environment testing of the Bergen Safety Cable. NASA-sponsored testing was performed by the Goddard Space Flight Center, and included rigorous vibration and pull tests. The tests assured that Safety Cable provided positive locking of fasteners for use in Shuttle Small Payloads Project (SSPP) applications.

The Safety Cable has also received military approval for use under MIL-STD-763, as well as a variety of service branch technical manuals. In addition, Safety Cable meets the requirements and specifications of NASM33540 and NASM20995.

Additional approvals include:

  • Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) approved under AS63238 through AS63239.
  • SAE standards, including AS4536, AS3509, AS3510 and AS3511.
  • Specific sizes of Safety Cable tools and components have been assigned national stock numbers (NSN).
  • Safety Cable also meets the standards developed by many leading original equipment manufacturers. That includes some of the most respected names in aerospace, such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney, and Woodward Governor.

More details

These approvals mean that many different industries can take advantage of the reliability, cost-effectiveness and easy installation offered by the Safety Cable. When compared to lockwire, Bergen’s system provides a dramatic improvement in installation efficiency, as well as a better finished product. 

For more information, visit the Bergen Cable Technology website.


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