REDwire Bergen never stops seeking improvements for its renowned Safety Cable system

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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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The Terminator tool is the key to the easy installation of Safety Cable.

Safety Cable is a fastener retention system that was developed by Bergen Cable Technology as a faster, easier and safer alternative to lockwire. There’s no question the company achieved that goal, as Safety Cable enables fastener retention in half the time of lockwire, reduces the need for reworking and inspections, and eliminates the problem of sharp edges that can injure operators or tear protective clothing. But the resounding success of Safety Cable has not deterred Bergen Cable Technology from always working to find improvements, as it did by refining its patented installation tool.

Safety Cable details

The system is so simple that entry-level technicians can learn to install Safety Cable in less than 30 minutes, and will be capable of efficiently securing fasteners on the most complex and difficult-to-reach components. As a result of its many advantages, Safety Cable is the solution of choice for OEM and aftermarket customers around the world in aerospace, military, ship building, drilling systems, power generation and more. For instance, it is used by many leading aerospace manufacturing companies, including Boeing, Rolls Royce, NASA and General Electric Aircraft Engines.

Tensioning tool

The key to the system is Bergen’s all-in-one Terminator tool that performs tensioning, crimping and cutting. It allows technicians to simply install the cable through the fasteners, insert a loose ferrule, and string the end of the cable through the tool. The tool can then tension the assembly to a preset load, crimp the ferrule, and cut the cable flush in a single motion.

Tool improvements

The Terminator tool was redesigned to offer a number of improvements. Firstly, the length was shortened to provide better access to tight places. To improve operational durability and repeatability, this tool has robust construction and precise dimensional quality. Another improvement is the ergonomic design that ensures the tool fits more comfortably in the operator’s hand. The tool also has a rotating tool nose so it can be set to an optimum position for each installation. The tool can be ordered with a three-, five- or seven-inch nose. Lastly, to address a common request of customers, the cable tension can be easily increased or lessened by turning an adjustment screw in the tension wheel assembly.

For more information on the benefits of Safety Cable, visit the Bergen Cable Technology website.


Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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