REDwire Bergen's Safety Cable features fast and easy installation

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Bergen's Safety Cable System uses a patented all-in-one tool.

Safety Cable, the fastener retention system developed for aircraft engines by Bergen Cable Technology, offers a dramatic improvement in installation efficiency when compared to conventional lockwire. 

Improved efficiency

Installing fasteners with lockwire is time consuming and difficult. To lockwire just two fasteners, an operator has to thread a single wire strand through the fastener holes, and manually double it over and twist it using a pair of pliers. During this process, the operator has to maintain a positive pull and allow for sufficient flex. To ensure the wire doesn’t slip over the bolt head or leave a gap at the beginning of the twist, the operator has to determine the twist direction from one fastener to the next. In addition, at least four twists are required for “pigtails”. Once the entire process is complete, the operator cuts off excess wire, and twists the end under to avoid snagging. A single mistake can mean the operator has to restart the entire process.  

In contrast to this time-consuming and error-prone process, Safety Cable offers fast and easy installation in just two steps. An operator simply installs the cable through fasteners (in either a neutral or positive position), adds a loose ferrule to the cable, and strings the cable through a patented Bergen tool that performs tensioning, crimping and cutting in one motion.

Designed for critical applications

Bergen Cable Technology developed Safety Cable in conjunction with GE’s Aircraft Engine Group (GEAE). GEAE was looking for a better alternative to lockwire for securing fasteners on aircraft engines. Loose fasteners in aircraft engines can cause major problems, and not just for the parts they secure, as they can fall into another part of the engine. 

Bergen Cable Technology designed, developed and tested the Safety Cable System to meet the military specifications and tensile load requirements for this critical application. Safety Cable meets a range of approvals, including FAA, SAE, NASA and SBAC specifications. The system is now used in a wide range of markets, including aerospace, military, government, power generation, electronics, drilling systems, ship building and more. 

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