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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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Bergen Cable can offer engineering assistance to provide cost-effective, reliable and high-quality cable assemblies.

Bergen Cable Technology is known for its ability to provide reliable and cost-effective cable assemblies to meet any requirement. There are many options available for cable assemblies, such as the type of cable, conduit, end fittings, mounting hardware, actuators and motion transmission components. In addition, the company can make custom or special cable layouts to suit customer specifications.

The first step to building an ideal cable assembly is to choose the right type of cable.

Cable materials

The cable can be made from a number of different materials to meet the requirements for strength, abrasion and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is typically used when corrosion is a prime factor. Specifically, type 302 stainless steel is used most often due to its high strength and corrosion resistance, while type 305 is used when non-magnetic properties are needed. Other stainless steel grades that are often used include 304, 316 and 321, each offering their own advantages.

In addition, galvanized carbon steel can be used to provide lower cost when the corrosion resistance requirements are not great enough to require stainless steel. The wires in these cables are individually coated with zinc to provide a good measure of corrosion protection.

Cable construction

There are also many options for the type of cable construction. Cables can be supplied with constructions of various numbers of wires and strands. For instance, a 1x7 construction cable has one strand made up of seven wires, while a 7x19 construction has seven strands that are each made up of 19 wires. The larger the number of wires and strands, the more flexible the cable.

Other options

Options to consider when specifying a cable assembly include coatings, fitting types, flexibility and proofload. Customers can fill out a request form or submit a conceptual sketch, and Bergen Cable can offer engineering assistance to provide cost-effective, reliable and high-quality cable assemblies.

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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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