REDwire Bergen offers miniature cables with big muscles

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Inside the smallest spaces, within some of the world's biggest selling products, goes Bergen Cable's high-performance miniature control cables.

Inside the smallest spaces, within some of the world's biggest selling products — medical devices, printers, copiers, ATM machines, automatic transmission controls — goes Bergen Cable's high-performance miniature control cables.

Long noted for its strength, flexibility and durability, Bergen's miniature Microlin stainless steel cable has been the preferred choice among original equipment manufacturers for more than 30 years, and is now the standard for all cables sized 3/64 inches or less. Microlin is a popular solution for applications such as precise drive systems for electronic equipment, and other systems where size, weight and absolute stability and repeatability are required. 

Bergen also offers the Posilign miniature cable, which virtually eliminates constructional stretch and secondary adjustment due to mechanical “set” of cable assemblies. As a result, Posilign eliminates costly proof load testing. It is used for applications demanding accurate adjustment stability in precise mechanical instruments and mechanisms.

Bergen Cable’s design and manufacturing capabilities enable the perfect marriage of the right manufacturing processes with the right materials to create, when required, extremely tight tolerances in cable diameters and assembly lengths.

Its reliability has earned Microlin a place in many medical applications where any form of cable failure could be life threatening. The ability of Microlin to be routed around bulkheads or obstructions, its high flexibility and high fatigue resistance has enabled engineers to design it into mechanical drive systems.

Microlin and Posilign cables are produced in diameters ranging from .010 inches to .048 inches, and in breaking strengths from 19 to 175 pounds. 

Many Bergen customers rely on the company for complete assemblies, too. The assemblies are designed and fabricated with Bergen's miniature stainless steel fittings. Most Microlin fittings develop full breaking strength of the Microlin or Posilign cables.

The type and size of cable, as well as the selection of the proper end fittings, are determined by the application. Contact Bergen Cable for more information. 


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