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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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Bergen's unique installation tool makes Safety Cable easy to use.

Once in awhile, a technology is released that is so revolutionary, it becomes the standard for decades. That is exemplified by Safety Cable, which was developed nearly 30 years ago by Bergen Cable Technology, in collaboration with GE Aircraft Engines.

The fastener retention system offers major improvements over lockwire, including ease of use, safety, cost effectiveness and efficiency. That’s why it is still the solution of choice today. It is specified over lockwire by some of the most respected names in aerospace, including NASA, Boeing, Rolls Royce, General Electric, Pratt and Whitney, and Woodward Governor.

The problem

Since the beginning of flight, loose fasteners on aircraft engines have posed a challenge to engineers. Lockwiring was the traditional way of solving the problem, but it was far from an ideal solution. That’s because it was difficult and time-consuming to install, inspect and remove. For instance, installation of lockwire required operators to maintain a positive pull and allow for sufficient flex while manually threading the wire through the fasteners, doubling over, and twisting it with pliers.

The solution

In 1987, General Electric’s Aircraft Engine Group (GEAE) met with engineers from Bergen Cable Technology to explore a better solution. The goal was to create a fastener retention system that was safer, faster and easier to use than lockwire. One key part of the development was finding a way to tension the cable while simultaneously crimping on a second fitting. For this purpose, Bergen created a unique tool that tensions, crimps and cuts the cable flush, in one motion.

As a result, Safety Cable can be installed in half the time required for lockwire, and new operators can learn the installation method in less than 30 minutes. Safety Cable also reduces the need for inspection or rework, and eliminates the problem of sharp edges that can injure operators.

Safety Cable complies with industry requirements and specifications, including NASA CR-4473, MIL-STD-763 and FAA FAR43.13(a) standards. For more information, visit the Bergen Cable Technology website.


Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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