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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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Bergen Cable can build custom cables, fittings and assemblies.

Bergen Cable Technology can supply cable assemblies, custom designed to suit the application. A wide range of cable constructions and fittings are available. The company's selection includes Lockclad, miniature and push-pull control assemblies.   

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when ordering a cable assembly. They include the acceptable tolerances, safety factor and the ratio of the cable diameter to the pulley or sheave diameter.


Bergen Cable Technology can supply assemblies for many critical applications, including aircraft controls and surgical instruments. These applications often demand tight tolerances, which can mean higher costs for production and quality assurance. Alternatively, costs can be reduced for applications where tolerance requirements are less stringent. That's why the company can offer three grades when it comes to the tolerance for cable assemblies: commercial, special and tight. For instance, on assemblies that measure less than two feet in length, the commercial tolerance is 0.125 inches, the special tolerance is 0.063 inches, and the tight tolerance is 0.047 inches.

Safety factor

To ensure a cable assembly provides long life, a reasonable safety factor should be applied to the working load. This will take into account both the direct stress plus the shock in bending loads. The standard industry safety factor for many applications is 5:1. However, for applications such as aircraft control or those with extreme shock loads, a higher safety factor is used.

Cable and pulley diameters

Properly designed pulleys can greatly enhance the fatigue life of cable or wire rope. The pulley tread diameter, or root, must be large enough to accommodate the cable construction. For example, when working with a 3 x 7 cable construction, it is recommended that a diameter-to-diameter ratio of 50 is used.
Bergen Cable Technology can offer assistance in determining the most appropriate designs and options for a particular cable assembly. For more information, visit the company’s website.


Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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