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Bergen Cable has more than 70 years of experience manufacturing high-quality wire rope and cable products.

Bergen Cable prides itself on its ability to meet customer cable assembly requirements. The manufacturer of mechanical control cable assemblies has the components — and the expertise — to provide a cost-effective, reliable solution for its customers. 

Basic cable assembly components available from Bergen Cable include the cable, conduit, fittings and hardware. There are several factors to consider when specifying components. 

Cable selection

When selecting a cable, customers must also consider the working load, safety factor, breaking strength, flexibility, construction and material type. If a protective jacket is required on the bare cable, the jacket diameter, material and colour must be specified in addition to bare cable specifications.

Conduit selection

The conduit protects or guides the inner core cable or wire. Bergen Cable offers several types of conduits, including tubing, braided, bowden or long-lay styles. The type and size selected should be determined by the flexibility, crush resistance and cost factor of the application.

End fitting selection

Bergen Cable offers cable and conduit end fittings in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and configurations. Customers can select fittings from the military standard MS series, the Bergen Cable standard or one custom-made for the application.

Hardware selection

Bergen Cable also carries a broad selection of mounting hardware, actuators and motion transmission items that are engineered to suit a variety of applications.

Cable expertise

Many factors go into selecting cables, conduits, end fittings and hardware to develop a reliable solution. With more than 70 years of experience manufacturing high-quality wire rope and cable products, Bergen Cable has the expertise to work with customers, determine their needs, and provide them with a reliable, cost-effective and quality cable assembly.

For more information on selection criteria and the high-quality products available, contact Bergen Cable.


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